12/13/16 I Once Was Lost, But Now I’m Found

“We were completely lost, with no hope of rescuing ourselves from the impending punishment of God. None of us has ever kept the Law perfectly, and most of us knew that. When God made us, He intended for us to be perfect, but because we live in a world tainted by sin, we are sinful in our very nature, and we had no way to redeem ourselves on our own. But, in God’s perfect timing, He sent His Son, Jesus, to us, to be born as a human baby and live a sin-free life as a man, fully human but at the same time fully God. Because He is fully God, He was able to live that sin-free life when no one else in all of history could. Because He is fully human, He was able to become the perfect, sinless sacrifice that redeems us from our sins and restores us to the perfect relationship with God that we were created to enjoy. Now, think about this. We were the lowest of the low, all of us, in God’s eyes. Hardened criminals, every one of us. Who would willingly give his life for someone like that? You would be hard pressed to even find those willing to die for an adored leader, let alone someone considered to be scum. But that’s exactly what Jesus did. When we were still at our worst, with no way to fix ourselves, He loved us, the unlovable, enough to die the horrible death that was awaiting us, in our place.”

Romans 5:5-8


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