12/10/16 Forgiveness Of Sins Through Faith Alone

“God promised to give Abraham a son in his old age – he was almost one hundred years old when the angels came to tell him the news. His wife, Sarah, was also almost one hundred years old. But instead of doubting God because of their old age, Abraham believed. He trusted that God could do this, in spite of the natural impossibility of it. Because Abraham trusted God, he was indeed given the promised son, and his descendants have indeed come to number more than the stars in the sky. Abraham’s faith was strong, and through that faith, God was able to forgive his sins and fulfill the promises He made. This is recorded in the Holy Scriptures not just for a historical record, not so that we can say, ‘God job, Abraham,’ but for our sakes as well, so that we might understand that we must have that same faith. Jesus died the death we deserve to die as punishment for our sins, and God brought Him back to life again so that whoever will trust in Him will also have new life, free from sin and the punishment that goes with it.”

Romans 4:18-25, Genesis 15:5-6


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