12/9/16 Abraham, The Father Of All Who Believe

“And so the promise of the forgiveness of sins is given through faith in Jesus, as a free gift, so that the promise could be given to all who believe in Him, not just those under the Law of Moses, and so that we can be sure of our forgiveness, since it is based on what God does instead of what we as fallible humans can only attempt. All who by faith put their trust in Jesus to forgive their sins and take away the penalty for them are Abraham’s descendants, as God promised him long ago when He said, ‘I will make you the father of many nations.’ Abraham trusted God, even when he had nothing tangible to assist him in his belief. But he knew the One who made this promise – the Good of the universe, who is able to bring the dead back to life and who always fulfills His promises.”

Romans 4:16-17, Genesis 17:5, Isaiah 51:2


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