12/8/16 God’s Promise Fulfilled Through Faith

“God promised Abraham that he would be given the whole world through his descendant, Jesus, the Messiah.  Was this promise made through the Law?  No, it was made through faith, and Abraham, through his faith in God to keep His promises, has now received the fruit of that promise.  If it is through the Law alone that God’s promises are given, then what good is faith, and for that matter, what good is the promise itself?  Nobody in all of history except for Jesus has or will ever be able to keep the entire Law perfectly for their entire lives.  The whole purpose of the Law is to call attention to the fact that we can’t meet God’s standard of perfection on our own.  Besides this, Abraham lived in a time before the Law was given.  Since there was no Law, there was no breaking of the Law, and no way for the promise to be fulfilled through the keeping of the Law.”


Romans 4:13-15


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