12/5/16 We Need Faith Like Abraham’s

“So what about Abraham, our forefather?  The Bible tells us that he is in Heaven with God, but how is it that he earned the right to be there?  Was is through the good things that he did?  No, it was through his faith.  God made him a promise and Abraham believed the promise.  His belief that God would keep His promise negated all the bad choices Abraham made in his life.  And so, whoever would consider himself to be a true descendant of Abraham, whether Jew or Gentile, must show the same kind of faith.  Abraham was circumcised, yes, but not until he was 99 years old.  His circumcision had nothing to do with his innocence before God.  It was simply the outward symbol of the faith in his heart, and it was that faith that declared him innocent of his sins.  And so Abraham cannot take pride in what he did to save himself from punishment for his sins.  In the Book of Beginnings we are told, ‘Abraham believed God, and it was accounted to him for righteousness.’  If he had done some kind of works in order to attain the perfection God requires, then his innocence before God would have been a reward, like wages paid to an employee.  But Abraham did not work for his innocence.  It was grace, given freely to him by God, and he accepted it in faith as a gift.”


Romans 4:1-4, Genesis 15:6


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