12/3/16 Now We Can All Be Perfect

“Up until Jesus came to earth as a human baby, we were all living under and subject to the Law of Moses, and we were counted as justified by how well we kept the Law.  But now God has made a new system, a new covenant, with all of us – not just the Jews, but the whole world – through His Son.  Even though this plan is new and better than that of the Law, it was foretold by the prophets who lived under the Law.  Now, we need only to trust and put our faith in Jesus as our Messiah, and His death and resurrection takes away our sin.  We know that there is no difference now between Jew and Gentile, because we have all sinned.  No one has ever lived the perfect life that God requires.  But when we put our faith in Jesus, God washes away all our sins.  When we believe that Jesus died as the punishment for our sins, we are made new and sinless.  When God looks at us now, instead of seeing sinful humans, He sees the perfection of His Son shining through us.  Jesus died for two main purposes.  One was to show us the necessity of punishment for sins.  The other was to show us that the sacrifice of animals was not enough to save us from being punished for our sins, because those sacrifices only covered one sin at a time, but Jesus was the ultimate sacrifice.  He was the perfect and spotless lamb who willingly was led to the slaughter on our behalf, once for all, and if we only put our faith in His sacrifice we are made clean.  Under the old system of the Law, God showed us His justice and His perfection, but we could do nothing to attain His standards.  But now, Jesus has come to bridge the gap between us and God, giving us a way to meet God’s perfection, and all we have to do is believe in Him and His sacrifice on our behalf.”


Romans 3:21-26


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