11/30/16 It Isn’t Who You Are On The Outside That Matters, But Who You Are In Your Heart

“Circumcision, as a sign that you are keeping the covenant God made with Abraham, is very good, as long as you are keeping the whole Law of Moses as well.  But if you break the Law, as everyone in history has done, then your circumcision means nothing.  Likewise, if one who is not circumcised keeps the whole Law, it is as if he was circumcised.  And this one who keeps the law even though he is uncircumcised will be given the right to judge those who are circumcised but do not keep the Law.  Circumcision is meant to be simply an outward sign of what is in your heart.  In and of itself, it means nothing.  If you are circumcised, that does not automatically make you a Jew.  You must be a Jew in your heart, and in your soul.  It is not simply by God’s command, that one becomes a Jew, and it is not to receive honor among people.  It is a desire of the heart and the soul to follow God’s command and a love for Him above all others.”


Romans 2:25-29


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