11/27/16 We Will Be Judged Based On Our Deeds

“You know all these things, and so when you judge someone, you are judging and condemning yourself at the same time, because you do the same things.  But God is not capable of sinning, and so we know that He judges justly and truly.  So do not think that when you judge someone else for doing those things that you yourself also do, you will escape God’s judgment.  People love to talk about the goodness of God, but they forget that He is also Holy and just.  Yes, He is patient and tolerant now in order to allow as many people as possible to turn away from sins and come to Him.  But when the day of judgment comes, His judgment will fall on any who have not turned to His Son for forgiveness of their sins.  Every time you sin against God and do not repent of it, you are heaping coals on the fire of your punishment.  God tells us in Psalm 62:12 and again in Proverbs 24:12 that He will, “give to each person according to his deeds.  If you live a live devoted to Jesus, working patiently toward doing good for others, you will be given life in Heaven forever.  But if you are selfish and disobedient to God, seeking your own pleasure and taking part in the evils of the world, you will be given what you claim to desire – eternal life away from God and all that He is.  Both Jews and Gentiles will receive just rewards for their deeds, because God is an impartial judge.”


Romans 2:1-11, Psalm 62:12, Proverbs 24:12


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