11/26/16 Pushing God Away Means Inviting Evil In

“Because they refused to acknowledge Him, God allowed them to continue in their sinfulness.  Even the women, who should have been the most modest in their behavior, gave themselves up as prostitutes instead of honoring God with their bodies.  And the men, instead of giving themselves to their wives, prostituted themselves with other men, and the consequences of their actions were just punishments.  They wanted nothing to do with God, and in their zeal to remove Him from every aspect of themselves, they punished themselves.  All that is good comes from God, so in their refusal to have anything to do with Him, they stripped themselves of all that is good.  When all that is good was gone from them, they were filled with all kinds of sin – sexual immorality, wickedness, envy, hate, violence, pride, perpetrating evil.  They became disobedient to their parents, undiscerning, untrustworthy, unloving, unforgiving, unmerciful.  Although they knew right from wrong, and that God rightly punishes those whose hearts are turned to evil, they willingly take part in evil deeds and support the evil deeds of others.”


Romans 1:24-32


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