11/25/16 God’s Holy Anger Against Sin

“God’s anger is shown from Heaven in the wickedness of the people of this world, those who ignore or deny the truth and persist in living sinful lives.  What is known about God can be found within us, because God has made us in His own image and shows Himself to us in all of creation.  Even the fact that He is God and is all powerful can be clearly seen through what He has created.  Because of this, there really is no excuse for anyone to disbelieve in Him.  Anyone who looks closely at God’s creation and fails to acknowledge its Creator is foolish.  They do not give thanks or glory to God, and instead they inflate their own egos, and in the process their hearts grow dark and cold.  They take what they mistakenly believe about God and make imperfect, corrupt idols to worship, instead of worshipping the real, perfect, Holy God.  Because of this, God lets them continue in their wickedness, in all the evil desires of their hearts, bringing disgrace to Him through what they do to their bodies, believing lies instead of God’s Holy Truth, worshipping things made by men instead of the One who made all and is eternal.  He allows them to go on like this until they either see the truth of their foolishness and turn to Him or they destroy themselves in their refusal to acknowledge Him.  This is the truth.”


Romans 1:18-23


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