11/23/16 To My Brothers & Sisters In The Roman Church

“I am Paul, a servant indebted to our Messiah, Jesus, whom He called to be an apostle.  He set me apart and gave me the job of spreading His message, His Good News, all over the world.  This Good News is what He has been promising for thousands of years through His prophets, and is foretold in the Holy Scriptures.  It is the message that His Son, Jesus, our Messiah and our Lord, was born a man as a descendant of King David, but also the Son of God with all His supernatural power, proven by the resurrection of the dead that He was first to take part in.  He has, instead of condemning us for our sins, given us His grace and made us His apostles, in order to bring His message of forgiveness and salvation to the Gentiles to the glory of His Name.  You are a part of this Gentile church, and you are now called by His Name as well.  So I write this letter to all the Christians in Rome, who are greatly loved by our God and called to be His own.  I pray for God’s grace and peace to be bestowed upon you through our Messiah, Jesus.”


Romans 1:1-7


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