11/22/16 On To Corinth…& Then Rome?

Paul finishes the letter to the Corinthians, seals it, and sends it on its way. He then begins to make preparations to travel to Corinth himself. When he is ready, he departs and makes his way to Greece. He goes first to Athens, where he stays for three months, then he moves on to Corinth. While he is there, he begins to think about the church in Rome. He had never been there, but he had heard about a church there made up of many people who were present on that first Pentecost when the apostles received the Holy Spirit. Paul has a strong desire to go there and work with these Christians, and from there, to continue spreading Jesus’ message all the way to Spain. He decides to write to the Romans, mainly to introduce himself, but also to make sure they understand the basics of Christianity.

Acts 20:2b-3a


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