11/21/16 Prayer For You In Closing

“I pray that you would not continue in your evil doing, not because we wish to avoid embarrassment after taking pride in you before the other churches, but for your own sake, so that your hearts and souls may delight in doing what is right, even if you still believe that we are not true apostles of Jesus.  We cannot work against the truth, only for it.  When we are weak and you are strong, we rejoice, and we pray that by following the leading of the Holy Spirit in your hearts, you may be made complete.  I am writing this to you ahead of time so that I might not have to be stern with you when I come to you, and use the authority that Jesus gave me in order to build you up instead of to tear you down.  And now, I bid you farewell.  My greatest hope for you is that you would allow the Holy Spirit to work within you to make you whole in Jesus.  Live in peace and harmony with one another, comfort each other, and you will have God’s peace and love.  I remind you again to use the customary kiss on the cheek when greeting each other, remembering that when you do this you are going beyond the usual custom to a spiritual level, and so it is a Holy kiss.  I send with this letter the greetings of all our brothers and sisters.  I pray that our Messiah’s grace, God’s love, and the Holy Spirit’s communion would be with each of you.  Amen.”


2 Corinthians 13:7-14


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