11/20/16 Warning

“When I come to you this third time, it will not be in weakness, but in the strength of God.  The Law tells us that any accusation is to be corroborated by the word of two or three witnesses, and this shall be upheld in your case as well.  I have warned you already, and now I warn you again, writing these words to those who have been sinning from the beginning of my time with you, and also to those who have since joined them in their sinful behavior, that when I arrive I will not be lenient toward any who refuse to repent of their sins.  You have been looking for proof that Jesus is speaking through me, and now you will receive it.  I, who am weak in and of myself, will not be weak when I come to you this time.  The Holy Spirit will be my strength in dealing with the sinners among you.  Even though Jesus came to us and was crucified in weakness, God raised Him up in power, and He lives now in the power and strength of God.  We, who are alive in Him, are weak in body as He was, but we live by the power of God’s Holy Spirit and that power will be demonstrated in you.  I implore you to examine your hearts and test yourselves to see if your faith is true.  Search yourselves to see if Jesus is in you and you are in Him.  If there is no outward or inward evidence of Jesus in you and your life, then you have failed the test and are not His.  But there will be no doubt when we come that we are His.”


2 Corinthians 13:1-6, Deuteronomy 19:15


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