11/18/16 One More Attempt At Self-Defense

“And now, by the words I have just written, I suppose I have just given some even more cause to accuse me of insanity.  But it was you who drove me to write of this, because instead of acknowledging my role in your salvation and my identity as an apostle of the same rank as Peter and the others in Jerusalem, you looked down on me and scoffed at my claim to apostleship.  Although I will readily admit that I am nothing, I am no less nothing than any of my fellow apostles.  Through my words and deeds, through your response to the message of Jesus that I taught you, you should have recognized that I am who I claim to be.  I worked diligently with you, and many miracles were done in your presence.  So in what way do you consider yourselves to be less than the other churches, to have been slighted by me?  There is nothing that I have done with others and left undone with you, except accepting the offer of monetary assistance.  So because I was not a financial burden to you, this is why you feel slighted?  Please forgive me for this injustice!”


2 Corinthians 12:11-13


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