11/16/16 Though I Have Reason To Take Pride In Much, I Will Only Take Pride In My Weakness Before Jesus

“I feel as though I have taken valuable time and space in my letter defending and extolling myself, and that may not have been the best use of that time and space.  However, I felt that under the circumstances, it was necessary for you to understand that what I have taught you has not come from the lips of a madman, or of one unqualified to teach.  If you felt that I was insane, or not truly an apostle in the same regard as Peter or John, you may feel inclined to turn away from all that I have taught you, and I could not stand aside and allow that to happen.  Fourteen years ago, or thereabouts, when I was younger and stronger and had not endured all of the punishments that have since weakened my body, God gave me a vision of Heaven, in which I saw Him seated on His throne, surrounded by His angels.  Soon after this, he again took my spirit into Heaven and showed me all those who, through their trust in God, are now in Heaven’s Paradise and at peace.  These visions brought peace and joy to my soul, and I still can close my eyes and see pictures of wondrous things that I have no words to describe.  Though I might take pride in those visions, and in being one of a very small number of people in history to have seen such things, I will not do so.  These things have warmed my soul and helped me to carry on no matter the cost, and if I wanted to take pride in these things I would be doing so honestly and rightfully, and no one could rightfully accuse me of insanity for it.  But I wish to stake my reputation on that which I do and say publicly, not on what has happened to me or what I have done and said in my own private hours.  And so, I say again that if I should take pride in anything, it will be in my weakness.  Because I do not want anyone to esteem me for anything that cannot be readily seen or heard from me in public.”


2 Corinthians 12:1-6


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