11/11/16 I Worry For You

“I wish that you would allow me to be a bit foolish in my jealousy for you.  In fact, I know that most of you do allow me to be foolish, and for that I thank you.  My jealousy for you is a Godly jealousy, because it is as if I had arranged a marriage contract between you and Jesus, one in which both parties are eagerly awaiting the day of the wedding, and I want to be able to say that you have set yourselves aside just for Him when you are presented to Him on that day.  But I am afraid that, just as Satan disguised himself as a snake and deceived Eve into turning against God, he may tempt you to stray from the simple, pure faith that you have in our Messiah.  Others may come to you, telling you that Jesus is not really the Messiah, that there is another one who fits the Bible’s description better.  Or you may be tempted into receiving a spirit other than the Holy Spirit, one controlled by Satan and intended to draw you away from God.  Or there may even be some who try to deceive you by teaching you a message and claiming it comes from Jesus when it is really a false message.  And I worry that you will be swayed and your spirits corrupted.”


2 Corinthians 11:1-4


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