11/10/16 Take No Pride In Yourself, But In What God Does In You

“Those who have called us cowards may be correct in their assessment – we don’t dare put ourselves on the same level as those who brag about themselves because of what they are able to do in their own power.  We know that it is only by the grace and the gifts of Jesus that we are able to do anything.  But those who brag about their own abilities compare themselves to themselves, instead of to our God who gives those abilities.  This is not wisdom.  We will not brag about ourselves, but only of what God has given us and asked of us, and this includes you.  We came to you to share the good news of God’s love through His Son, Jesus.  Because of this, you are under the authority given us by Jesus.  We do not brag about things other people are doing, or claim to have wondrous abilities of our own.  We have hope in Jesus that as your faith grows, your esteem for what God has done through us will also grow, and because of that you will help us to share His good news all over the world, instead of bragging about what people are doing on their own power.  As the prophet Jeremiah said, ‘He who glories, let him glory in the Lord.’  It is not the person who takes pride in his own abilities that meets with God’s approval.  God first approves, then that person may take pride in what God has done through him.”


2 Corinthians 10:12-18, Jeremiah 9:24


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