11/8/16 The Holy Spirit Is A Mighty Weapon Against Satan

“Now, I know that there are those among you who still do not acknowledge my authority as an apostle, and who accuse me of shrewd dealing and even cowardice with you.  When I write to you, I write with the boldness of one whose authority is given by God, but when I am with you in person I exhibit the meekness and gentleness of Jesus.  This is not cowardice, lack of true authority, or shrewd, worldly dealing.  I beg you, as a meek and gentle representative of Jesus, that when I come to you I would not have to exhibit the boldness and authority with which I have written to you.  Even though we live in this world, we do not fight the battles that come to us as people of this world.  People who do not know Jesus use “dirty” tactics when they fight.  Those of us who belong to Him know that there is a better way to fight those battles.  We fight by the Holy Spirit, who is able to destroy the strongest fortresses, silence the strongest arguments against God, take prisoner every thought to make it obedient to Jesus, and ready to punish any who refuse to return to Him in obedience after all have had the opportunity to do so.”


2 Corinthians 10:1-6


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