11/6/16 Send Proof Of Your Generosity

“I know that I have no need to write to you about caring for our brothers and sisters.  I know how ready and willing you were even a year ago to collect and send funds for our suffering brothers and sisters in Jerusalem.  I have boasted to the Macedonians of the generosity of the Achaians, and they have been motivated by your zealous work.  I have sent the brothers to you in advance so that you may finish what you have begun and be ready in case some Macedonians come with me.  We don’t want to find you unprepared to present your gift, especially after we have boasted about you to the Macedonians, and we don’t want you to be ashamed of yourselves.  So I thought it might be prudent to send the brothers ahead of time to let you know that we will be coming to you soon to receive your gift, so that you will be prepared to present it as you had promised a year ago.  That way it will be ready to go as a generous gift instead of something that you hastily put together at the last minute, not out of your own hearts, but out of a sense of grudging obligation.”


2 Corinthians 9:1-5


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