10/30/16 We Rejoice In You

“Whatever you may have heard about us, I want you to know the truth.  We haven’t done anything to turn anyone away from what is good.  We haven’t cheated anyone or done anything wrong to anyone.  You have accepted into your hearts people who make a regular practice of doing all of these things, so can’t you make room in your hearts for us?  I’m not saying this to judge anyone – have I not told you many times that you are in our hearts whether in death or in life?  I speak boldly to you and speak of you to others proudly because of my great love for all of you.  Even in the midst of all the tribulation we are in, I am filled with comfort and joy because of you.  When we reached Macedonia, we were thrust into peril on all sides, and we had no rest for body or soul.  We were fearful in our hearts and surrounded by conflict.  But God, who is the God of all comfort for anyone who is suffering, sent us Titus and comforted us through him and the message he brought.  We learned that you comforted him when he was with you, and that you indeed hold us in high regard, praying earnestly, filled with sorrow for the troubles surrounding me, wanting us to come to you, and that made me even more joyful.”


2 Corinthians 7:2-7


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