10/26/16 See People As God Sees Them

“Now that we know who He is, we no longer view Him in this way.  We see Him closer to the way God sees Him.  This is how we are to look at everyone, now that God’s Holy Spirit resides in our hearts.  If anyone belongs to Jesus the Messiah, he is a new creation.  All the old things that held us tied down in death have disappeared, and we have been made new.  God makes and gives life to everything, and He gives us all that we have and all that we are.  Now He has rescued us from eternal separation from Him and reconciled us to Himself through His Son, Jesus.  And because we have been reconciled to God, we are also called to bring that reconciliation to the rest of the world, drawing people to Jesus for salvation from their sins.  God was in Jesus, working in Him to reconcile all the world to Himself, instead of judging and condemning us for our sins, and when Jesus’ work here was finished, He passed that work on to those of us who have become His own.  So now we are like ambassadors for Jesus, as though God were speaking through us, imploring His children to return to Him, and so we implore you on behalf of our Messiah to come and be reconciled to God.  God made Jesus, His Son, who lived His whole life without sinning at all, to become our sin for us, so that by His sacrificial death all our sin would be put to death and we would become the purity and perfection of God in Him.”


2 Corinthians 5:16b-21


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