10/25/16 We Can No Longer Judge People Based On Outward Appearance

“And so, from the point that we are given new life in Jesus, we no longer look at anyone from a human point of view – seeing only those things that his environment and upbringing have made him to be.  We don’t care whether someone is rich or poor, the most or least important in society, wise or ignorant, part of our culture or a complete stranger to our way of life.  All we see when we look at someone is whether or not that person has been rescued yet from that death that we are all destined for until we give our hearts and souls to our Messiah.  We have all been guilty of judging by earthly standards even our Messiah, the very one who came to give us life out of death.  He does not fit the picture in our minds of what we thought the Messiah should be, so almost everyone dismissed Him as a fraud.  We judged Him not by God’s standards but by our own, and in so doing we robbed ourselves of the life, the miraculous salvation, that He came to give us.”


2 Corinthians 5:16a


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