10/22/16 We Look Forward Eagerly To Heaven & Our Eternal Bodies

“Because our bodies are like tent homes that we live in while we are here on this earth, if those “tents” are destroyed, we don’t have to worry, knowing that we have our true bodies, like indestructible buildings, waiting for us in Heaven, made by God to last forever.  We want so badly to be changed, to inhabit these new indestructible bodies, to live with our Messiah in the Kingdom of Heaven, that sometimes we catch ourselves groaning audibly.  We want so much to be changed, not because we want to die, but because we want to have real life, so that death will be swallowed up by life.  And God has prepared us for this, giving us His Holy Spirit as a guarantee that what He has said will come to pass.  We have confidence in this, no matter what trials we are going through, because although we know that while we are here on earth, in this dying shell of a body, we are away from God, but we long for the day when we will be away from these earthly bodies and present with God.  And in the meantime, we go through life walking with the eyes of faith, of our hearts, not with our human eyes.”


2 Corinthians 5:1-8


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