10/19/16 God’s Treasure Stored In Frail, Mortal Containers

“Just as the kings of the world fill clay jars with their gold and silver treasures, we have the treasure of the knowledge of the glory of God – not of ourselves – stored up in our frail hearts.  We are facing pressure from all around us, by those who are against the message we declare, yet we are not crushed.  We often live in confusion, unsure of what to do or where to go, but never to the point of despair, because we trust God to reveal the next step we are to take in His perfect time.  We are tormented and even tortured, but we know that God is with us always, and His hope lives in our hearts through all.  Though blows rain down on us and we are knocked down, we are not destroyed by them.  We live with the presence of death in our bodies every day, as if we are carrying Jesus’ death within our bodies, but this is so that the life that He alone is able to give can also be clearly seen in our frailty.  Those of us who live for Jesus are continually placed in death’s hands so that the sinfulness of humanity will be crushed and the true life that Jesus gives can shine through.  Death is working in us in order to bring life to you.”


2 Corinthians 4:7-12


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