10/18/16 The Light Of Jesus

“But God has given us this ministry, in His wisdom and mercy, knowing the limitations of our frail bodies, hearts, and minds, and we have courage to follow through with our calling because we know that He will give us all that we need in order to accomplish His plan.  And so we do not hide anything about the message of Jesus that we bring.  We are not ashamed of it, though men may call us foolish.  We don’t use trickery or tailor our words to our hearers, nor do we spin the words to deceive people.  Instead we walk in the light of God’s truth, being careful to live lives that bring honor to Him and give people no grounds to suspect us of any wrongs, and in living out our lives this way we are able to present Jesus’ message plainly and honestly.  If there is any confusion or veiling of the message we bring, it is only because the eyes and ears of those who do not believe it have been clouded by Satan, the god of this world, because he knows that otherwise the light of Jesus and His message would shine on them and lift the veil, drawing them to the Lord.  We come to you boldly declaring the message that Jesus is our Messiah, not seeking to build ourselves up but only to point people to Him.  For Him, we are your slaves.  God Himself, who in the beginning commanded light to be, and made the light shine out of the darkness, shone His light into our hearts, illuminating within us His glory in the face of His Son, Jesus, our Messiah.”


2 Corinthians 4:1-6


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