10/17/16 We Are Becoming The Glory Of God

“When Moses was given the Law, he was given at the same time a ministry of the Law.  When he came down from the mountain with the Law engraved on stone tablets, the people couldn’t look at him because of the glory of God shining on his face.  If that ministry, which led to death, was so glorious, then the ministry given to us by the Holy Spirit, that of sharing the message of our Messiah and leading people to life, is much more glorious.  It makes the Law look dull in comparison, because the old covenant that the Law ushered in was dying, but this new covenant in Jesus’ blood is Life itself.  Because we have such a great hope in God and in Jesus, we cannot help preaching His message boldly, in contrast to Moses, who hid the glory of God on his face behind a veil so that the children of Israel would not have to look at it.  The veil did not just blind their eyes to God’s word, but their hearts and minds as well.  But Jesus lifted the veil, and all who come to Him have their eyes open to His Truth.  Even now, when people study the Law of Moses, their eyes are veiled unless they put their faith in Jesus to remove the veil.  Jesus and the Holy Spirit are one, and when the Holy Spirit lives in your heart you have freedom.  With the Holy Spirit guiding us, all we who put our faith in Jesus are being changed into the image of God, like looking into a mirror and becoming what we see.”


2 Corinthians 3:7-18


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