10/15/16 Who Is Worthy To Spread God’s Word?

“When I went to Troas, I came to deliver Jesus’ message to the people there, and God opened a door for me to do much work for Him among those people.  But I had hoped to meet Titus there, returning from delivering my last letter to you, and I was anxious to hear how you were doing.  So instead of taking the opportunity that presented itself for ministry in Troas, I continued on to Macedonia in hopes that Titus might meet me there.  I give thanks to God, who always leads us in Jesus our Messiah and gives us victory through Him, and also uses us to bring the sweet savor of His knowledge everywhere we go.  When we bring that knowledge to those who accept it and give their hearts over to Jesus for salvation, we are the fragrance of Jesus Himself, and of life everlasting, to God.  But to those who do not listen and will not accept Jesus’ sacrifice on their behalf, we are the stench of death.  Who is qualified for such a task?  Only those whose hearts are home to God’s Holy Spirit, who, like us, don’t sell the Word of God, molding it to fit the fancy of each hearer, but present it in its unaltered state, simply and sincerely, the way we also received it from God, speaking in God’s sight and in Jesus’.”


2 Corinthians 2:12-17


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