10/14/16 After Punishment Must Come Forgiveness & Love

“I was determined not to come to you in anger or sadness, because I want to rejoice in you, and how can I do that, having come to chastise you?  I wrote this to you, in fact, in my last letter, so that I would not be saddened by those who should bring me joy when I come.  Instead, I would like to come with the confidence that we would all rejoice together at our reunion.  In my last letter, I wrote to you in tears, greatly distressed by all that has been happening in your church.  I did not do this to grieve you, but so that you would understand how much love I have for you all.  But really, it is not against me that some among you have sinned, only against you – and against all of you in some ways.  The punishment given to that sinful man I spoke to you of in my last letter was justly carried out, and the consequence well-deserved.  Though the decision to punish this man was not unanimous, there was a majority, and you carried it out just as I suggested, and I commend you for it.  But now, you ought to forgive him and try to help him return to Jesus, so that he won’t be dragged down under the weight of despair.  Go to him and show your love for him, showing your obedience to the commandments of Jesus in loving as much as in punishment.  When you forgive someone, I, too will forgive him.  And if I have forgiven anyone anything, I do so for you, in Jesus’ Name, so that none of us may fall prey to Satan’s temptation.”


2 Corinthians 2:1-11


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