10/12/16 Gratitude For Prayer

“We want you to be aware, our brothers and sisters, of the trouble we have come through in Asia.  It was more than we could bear in our own human strength, and we truly believed we were going to die.  But that death sentence hanging over us was there so that we would trust not in ourselves, but in God, who alone can raise people from death. He has saved us from a horrific death, and continues to save us daily, and so we put our hope in Him to deliver us from this danger.  In your prayers for us, you have aided in our deliverance from sickness and danger, and so together we also give thanks for the gift of safety and health given to us through the prayers of many and the graciousness of God.  We may boast that we have been completely transparent in all that we have said and done throughout our travels all over the world.  Everything we have said and done has been honest and true, because it was done not by our own power but by the power and grace of God.  We were even more careful with you not to give any reason for anyone to suspect anything false about us, because your community is filled with debauchery and the people are more apt to be suspicious of us.  What we write to you is nothing new or different.  It is only a reminder of what we have already taught you while we were there among you, and which you professed to understand.  We hope that even though in the past you have not understood completely what we have been teaching you, now you will understand that we can take joy and pride in you, and you can take joy and pride in us, till the day that Jesus returns to take us home.”


2 Corinthians 1:8-14


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