10/10/16 Paul Escapes From Ephesus



As the angry but now subdued crowd begins to file out of the theater, the Ephesian believers surround Paul and rush him away, fearing that any glimpse of him will provoke the people toward violence.  They usher him into the large home they use for church services, belonging to one of the wealthy believers.  After much discussion, Paul agrees that he should leave Ephesus and go to Macedonia.  Paul packs quickly, then returns to the group.  After fervent prayer for his safety, they all embrace Paul and send him on his way.  He travels many days, stopping at each city where he has planted a church to encourage the believers there.  But his body is growing weary, and a strange affliction is troubling him.  He goes to Philippi, seeking the help of his friend Luke, who is a physician, and hoping that Titus might meet him there.  After several days in the care of Luke, Paul begins to feel better, and soon the arrival of Titus cheers him even more.  Titus brings a return letter from the Corinthian church, and after reading it, Paul decides he needs to write back immediately.


Acts 20:1-2a, http://biblehub.com/commentaries/acts/20-1.htm, http://moreword.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/10/PaulsThirdMissionaryJourney.jpg


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