10/8/16 Alexander Denied

Some in the crowd are Jews, who are just as upset with Paul as the other Ephesians, though for different reasons. Alexander, a prominent member of the Jewish community, and one who has gone up against Paul before, is urged to speak for the Jews. He pushes his way to the front of the arena, assisted by the rest of the Jews present, and waves at the crowd to ask for silence. The whole time, various Jews in the crowd have been shouting to him, trying to tell him what he should say. But he never gets the chance to speak. As soon as the worshippers of Diana in the crowd discover that Alexander is Jewish, they begin to shout louder, their faces turned toward him in anger, making it clear that he is considered no better than Paul and his followers, and he will not be allowed to speak. For the next two hours, all that can be heard is the shouted chanting of the crowd, as though in one voice, “Diana of the Ephesians is great!”

Acts 19:33-34


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