10/6/16 The Temple Of Diana In Jeopardy


Paul has been preaching for quite a while now in the city of Ephesus, and he has drawn many in the city to Jesus.  Ephesus is famous for its temple dedicated to the goddess Diana, also called Artemis, which is considered one of the seven wonders of the world.  Many people make their living from this temple, either working directly in it, or profiting from those who travel to see it.  But Paul is beginning to poison the minds of the people against the temple, or at least that’s the opinion of some of the people who profit from it.  A man named Demetrius stirs up the people against Paul, angry that he is driving customers away.  Demetrius is a silversmith, and he makes silver replicas of the temple to sell to the tourists who flock to Ephesus to view its splendor.  He calls a meeting of all his fellow tradesmen and says, “We all make our living by selling the temple souvenirs that we create.  But now, this man Paul is driving away our customers, not only in Ephesus itself, but throughout the whole continent of Asia, because he is convincing people that statues made by human hands cannot be gods.  More and more people are being drawn in by Paul’s words, and if this keeps up, soon Diana will no longer be revered, nor will her temple!  And if that happens, we will lose our businesses and our high standing in the community.  We can’t let this happen!”


Acts 19:23-27, https://wiki.en.grepolis.com/images/6/67/Finished_Temple.jpg, https://www.goddessgift.net/images/diana-of-ephesus-statue-SS-DOE9.jpg


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