10/5/16 Paul Sends The Letter With Titus

As soon as Paul received the letter from the Corinthians, delivered by Stephanas, Achaicus, and Fortunatus, he sent Timothy and Erastus to go through Macedonia to minister to the Corinthian church.  Now, having completed the reply letter, Paul seals it and hands it to Titus.  “Please, my brother, deliver this to the Corinthian church for me.  Take one of the brothers here that you feel is up for the journey, and go through Macedonia.  When you arrive in Corinth, find Timothy and Erastus and check on their welfare.  I must stay here for a while longer, because there is much work to do between now and Pentecost, but I will join you after that, if it is God’s will, before I go to Jerusalem.”  Paul and Titus embrace, and then Titus goes in search of a brother to accompany him on his journey.  All the believers gather together to pray for their safe travel, and the two men set off.


Acts 19:21-22


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