10/3/16 Act In Faith, Honor Those Who Also Do So

“Now, I remind you to stay alert and strengthen your faith.  Have courage, because you know that God is with you.  Be careful not to be led astray by those who seek to deceive you.  Stand together instead of dividing into factions.  And above all, let everything you do be done out of love.  Now, as to these men who have carried your letter to me – Stephanas, Achaicus, and Fortunatus – please don’t think for one moment that they came bearing tales of your misdeeds.  In fact, they came humbly, hoping that they may return in joy and be able to help you all, as their brothers and sisters.  Stephanas, especially, has been faithful and zealous for Jesus and the ministry he has been called to, along with his whole household.  They were the first of all of you to come to our Messiah, and he has remained steadfast in his faith.  When these men came to me, they brought me great joy and encouragement, lifting my spirit considerably as your representatives.  When they return to you with this letter, please give them the respect they deserve, and honor their faithfulness to our Messiah, to all of you, and to me.”


1 Corinthians 16:13-18


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