10/1/16 Giving To The Believers In Jerusalem

“Now, I must speak to you about collecting money and goods for our brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, who are suffering.  I spoke with the churches of Galatia about this matter when I was with them, and explained to them the necessity of caring and providing for all of our brothers and sisters wherever there is need.  I must stress the importance of this to you, as well.  Here is what you should do:  Every Sunday, each of you must put something aside from anything you have gained from your labors, and bring it to the church.  Designate a place where everything will be collected and held until I return to you.  Do this so that when I come, it will be ready, and we will have no need to go to each person in the church and collect the sum that should already be there waiting to be given.  When I come to you, I will send the person you believe most trustworthy and able to bring your gift to our brothers and sisters in Jerusalem, along with letters of introduction and intent.  If it seems right that I accompany him, I will do so.”


1 Corinthians 16:1-4


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