9/29/16 What Kind Of Bodies Will We Have When We Are Raised From The Dead?

“I know some of you are asking, ‘But how are the dead raised again?  What kind of body will they have?’  Remember that a seed does not come to life until it is planted in the earth and dies.  And the seed that you plant is not the same as the plant that grows from it.  After the seed dies, it receives a new, bigger, and better body.  God gives it this body, just as He gives us our bodies – both here on earth, and again after we are raised from death.  Each person has his own unique human body, just as each seed produces its own unique plant body.  God made so many different kinds of flesh – humans, animals, fish, birds – and also different kinds of bodies in the sky – sun, moon, stars, planets.  Each is unique.  Each goes through changes and stages of life.  But each keeps its own unique form through all those changes.  It may look different from one point in time to another, but it is still easily recognized.  It is this way with bodies that are raised from the dead as well.  Yes, our bodies will be new and different.  We will no longer be susceptible to sin or anything that comes with it – sickness, injury, death.  But we will still be ourselves and be recognizable as ourselves.  When we die and are planted in the earth, our bodies are corrupted by sin, dishonored, weak, natural.  But when we are raised to life again, our new bodies will be incorruptible, glorious, powerful, and full of God’s Holy Spirit.  Just as, through the disobedience of the first Adam, we were born with bodies corrupted by sin, more living souls than full human beings as God intended, through Jesus’ obedience as the ‘last Adam,’ we are reborn by His Spirit that gives life to the fullest.  The natural body and soul came first, through the first Adam, and the spiritual nature of our perfected bodies comes in the next life, through the last Adam.  The first was made from the dust of the earth, the second born out of Heaven, of God.  So we who are descendants of the man of dust are like him, but those who have been reborn through Jesus’ blood and have died in Him and ascended to be with Him in Heaven are transformed into beings like Him.  Just as we have lived on this earth resembling the first Adam, we will live in Heaven resembling the last Adam.”


1 Corinthians 15:35-49, Genesis 2:7


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