9/27/16 Our Faith Is True, & Backed Up By Historical Facts

“But we know, because it is a historical fact, that Jesus did rise from the dead, and is the first to do so out of all those who have died belonging to Him.  Because death came into the world through the sins of Adam and Eve, humans, the resurrection of the dead had to come through a human as well.  Just as we all die through Adam’s sin, we all live through Jesus’ sacrifice.  But it had to happen in the right order – first Jesus had to die and be raised back to life again, then all we who believe in Him will be raised when He returns to us.  And then, the end of this world will come, when Jesus will conquer all the kings of the world and all power and authority will be His alone, and He will present His Kingdom to His Father.  Then human beings and God will be reconciled to each other, and we will have no more need for any kind of earthly authority, because God will be our one and only King forevermore.  Jesus will reign over us until all the earthly opposition has been conquered.  When all sin is removed from the world, when everyone is freed from the clutches of false religions and lies, then death itself will also be conquered, and nobody will ever die again, just as the Psalm prophesies.  Of course, when Jesus told us that ‘all things are put under Him,’ He does not mean that God will be put under Him, because God is the one putting all things under Jesus.  When all things return to God’s rule, Jesus the Son will also be under God’s rule, so that God will be all in all, and His plan will be complete.”


1 Corinthians 15:20-28, Psalm 8:6


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