9/26/16 What If Our Faith Is A Lie?

“Now, if I have taught you, and you have believed, that Jesus was raised from the dead back to life, how is it that some of you are still asserting that there is no such thing as resurrection of the dead?  Follow that to its logical conclusion with me.  If there is no resurrection of the dead, then Jesus is still dead.  If Jesus is still dead, then my fellow apostles and I have been spreading lies and delusions, and you who believed them have faith in lies and delusions.  And we are found guilty of lying to and about God, because we have sworn that God raised Jesus from the dead, and if the dead do not rise, then God did not raise Jesus from the dead.  If Jesus is not alive, then you have believed in vain, and you are still responsible for paying the penalty for all your sins.  This means that anyone who has died since believing in the power of Jesus’ blood to save them from their sins is lost, because they died without a way to pay for their sins, and therefore are eternally separated from God.  If it is only for this short time that we are alive on the earth that we live and hope in Jesus, but He has no power to save us after we die, then we are the most pitiable of all people in the world – we who endure all kinds of hardship because of the hope and joy we have in belonging to Jesus.”


1 Corinthians 15:12-19


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