9/25/16 Return To What You First Believed, And Remember What Is Important

“Now, my brothers and sisters, I feel that I must remind you of the Good News I brought to you, that you received with joyful hearts, through which you have been redeemed, and by which you are being saved little by little every day until the day comes when He returns to us, if you continue to hold on tight to the Truth that I preached to you.  That is, unless you just said you believed but you really didn’t understand what you were saying, or unless God’s Word isn’t really true.  I preached to you what was taught to me, that Jesus died to take the penalty for our sins, according to the prophecies written in the Scriptures, and that He was buried, and that He came back to life again on the third day, also according to prophecies in the Scriptures.  I told you that he was seen by Peter, and then by all the apostles, and then by over five hundred brothers and sisters in our faith all at once.  Most of these people are still alive now, although some have died.  After that, He was seen by James, and then all the apostles again, before He ascended into Heaven.  And last of all, He was seen by me, although not in the same way as the other apostles saw Him, because they are like the first born in the family, and I am like the baby of the family, not worthy to receive the inheritance of the first born.  Because I am the lowest of the apostles, and I don’t feel that I am worthy to be called an apostle, because I terrorized the church of God.  But, by His grace I am what I am – a sinner, saved by the mercy of Jesus, and now called to be His apostle.  And His grace for me was not in vain, because I have worked harder than anyone else for His sake, although I cannot even claim that hard work for my own, because it was God working within me.  So, it matters not whether it was preached by me or by one of the other apostles.  It is still the same Truth, which you all received gladly and recognized as Truth.”


1 Corinthians 15:1-11


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