9/24/16 Follow Tradition Regarding Women’s Roles In Church, & Regard My Words As Jesus’ Commandments

“Tradition and the Law of Moses dictate that women are not allowed to speak during worship services, so they should be silent in church and submit to the men of the church.  Some may ask, if women must stay silent in church, how can they ask questions about areas in which they want to learn more?  I tell you, if a woman would like to learn about something, she should ask her husband in the privacy of their home, so that the church will not be shamed in the eyes of the community.  I know that at many times, you as a church have acted as though you are the recipients of God’s word, and therefore the leaders of the Christian world.  You have acted against many of the teachings I gave you in the practices of your church, and it is to your detriment.  Now your church is in turmoil.  If anyone among you thinks he has received a spiritual gift, let him prove it by being in agreement that what I am writing to you is the Lord’s command.  But if anyone refuses to acknowledge what I write as God’s truth, he cannot be a true believer.  So, my brothers and sisters, don’t say that the gift of speaking in foreign languages is not a spiritual gift, but at the same time, remember that prophecy is of more value to the church, and strive to be orderly and loving in all that you do as a church body.”


1 Corinthians 14:34-40


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