9/23/16 Order In The Church

“Now, apply this teaching in your churches.  In the past, whenever you have come together to worship, everyone has come in anticipation of sharing the glory of his own gift, and there has been chaos in the church because everyone is vying for attention at the same time.  But God is not the God of chaos; He is the God of order.  So it should be in the church.  And before you enter the church, examine your hearts – do you desire to use your gift for your own glory, or to strengthen and encourage your brothers and sisters.  Everything that is done in the church should be done for the benefit of all.  So, if there are those who can speak in foreign languages, let there be at most two or three speaking in the church, and take turns doing so in an orderly fashion.  Let there be one who interprets all that is said, for the benefit of the whole church body.  But if there is no one there who is able to interpret, save the speaking in foreign languages for the privacy of your own homes, for private communion with God.  If there are prophets among you, do the same – allow two or three to speak, taking turns, and let the rest listen carefully to judge whether the words are from God.  If, however, there is one who receives a sudden revelation in the middle of  worship, let everyone else be silent so that this person may speak, because a sudden revelation usually means it is something of immediate relevance to the whole body.  In doing this, everyone can learn and be encouraged.  For those of you who may argue that when God’s Holy Spirit comes upon you, there is no way for you to stay silent and wait your turn, I tell you that your spirit is controlled by God’s Spirit, and He will give you the power to proclaim His words in an orderly manner, because He does not want confusion.  He wants His church to be in peace and unity, just as all the churches who come together in His Name.”


1 Corinthians 14:26-33


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