9/20/16 The Best Gifts Are Useless If They Can’t Be Used To Benefit Others

“My brothers and sisters, if I come to you speaking a foreign language, what good is it to you, unless I am able to somehow translate to you the revelation, the knowledge, the prophecy, or the teaching that I wish to convey?  Consider musical instruments.  When they are played, each one has a distinctive sound to it, and when you listen you can tell what instrument is playing.  If they all sounded the same, how would you know which instrument was playing?  And in battle, when a trumpet is blown, the trumpeter plays certain notes and rhythms that signal to the army what they are to do.  If the trumpet does not make a sound that the army understands, how will they know whether to prepare for battle, or to retreat?  And you, when you speak, you use your tongue to form words and sounds, but if nobody understands you, it is like you are talking to the wall – useless!  There are many different languages in the world, but each one is significant only to those who speak and understand it.  So if I don’t understand the language, the person speaking to me is a foreigner to me, and I am a foreigner to him.  If you are given the gift of speaking in foreign languages, it profits nothing if there is no one to understand you.  I want you to earnestly seek spiritual gifts, and to work hard to master these gifts, but do so in order to build up and encourage your brothers and sisters, not for your own glory and advancement.”


1 Corinthians 14:6-12


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