9/19/16 Prophecy Is More Valuable Than Speaking In Foreign Languages

“Strive for spiritual gifts still, even while you are seeking after love, because even though faith, hope, and love are eternal and superior to spiritual gifts, these gifts are also valuable and useful in building up the church.  I know that you have placed great importance on the gift of speaking in foreign languages, but it is actually a gift of lesser importance.  Prophecy is the greater gift.  Both involve God speaking His messages to His people, but the only people who benefit from the messages coming from one who can speak in a foreign language are the people who can understand that language.  Not even the one speaking the message knows what it is, unless he has also been given the gift of understanding and interpreting foreign languages.  Prophets, however, are able to receive, understand, and communicate God’s messages to the whole church; and in so doing, build up and strengthen the whole church through these messages.  But the one speaking in a foreign language quite often is only engaging in communication between himself and God, and instead of using the gift to build up the whole church, it is used just to build up the pride of that one person.  I am not saying that this gift is not to be valued.  On the contrary, it is a very valuable gift indeed, one that I would be happy to see everyone possess.  But prophecy is to be esteemed more highly, unless the one who speaks in a foreign language is also able to interpret that language, in order to strengthen and build up the whole church.”


1 Corinthians 14:1-5


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