9/17/16 What Is Love?

“Love is the willingness to accept long-term suffering for the sake of another.  It is kindness shown to another.  Love is not being jealous or proud, but rejoicing in the blessings given to others.  Love is being considerate and unselfish.  Love means that you cannot be pushed to act in anger, but instead will forgive injustice and move on.  Love means not celebrating the misfortune of even your enemies, but sharing in their sorrow instead.  Love means rejoicing in truth.  Love is patiently enduring whatever trouble comes your way.  It means believing the best of someone unless proven wrong.  It means never giving up on anyone, holding out hope until the end.  It means not complaining under the weight of trials that come your way, but trusting in God to see you through.”


1 Corinthians 13:4-7


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