9/15/16 Use What You Have Been Given

“You are all individual members of the body of Jesus.  God, in creating the Church, has set up roles for His people, not necessarily for all ages, but for right now while it is new.  First are apostles, given power directly by Jesus to spread His message and build churches, to teach the words of Jesus and what our faith is about, to establish the body.  After apostles are prophets, who receive and declare messages from God.  Next come teachers, who help the new members of the body to learn and grow in their faith.  Then those who are given the gifts of performing miracles, healing, caring for the church body, making sure everything runs smoothly in the community, and speaking and understanding various foreign languages.  Not everyone is given all these gifts, but each is given the gift God intends for that person.  Though you may desire and seek after a gift you consider to be better than what you have, it is more profitable for you and for the body of believers in general to simply use the gift given to you to the best of your ability, working for the good of the whole body.”


1 Corinthians 12:27-31


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