9/12/16 What Are The Gifts?

“The same Holy Spirit grants many different gifts to many different people.  And the same Lord Jesus calls His people to many different types of work and activities.  All are for the glory of God, and for the benefit of His Kingdom and His body of believers.  When the Holy Spirit gives someone a gift, it is not for himself, but for the good of the whole community of believers.  One man may be given the gift of knowledge, the ability to learn and understand God’s Word.  Another man may be given the gift of wisdom, and be able to take the knowledge that the first man gains and put it to good work through teaching the congregation, advising and counseling people, and generally making the information useable to the community.  Someone may be given great, unshakeable faith in order to bolster the faith of the rest of the congregation in times of trial.  Another may be given the gift of healing, in order to care for the ailing members of the church.  One man may be able to do miracles like those that Jesus did when He was here.  Another may be given the gift of prophecy, receiving and declaring messages from God to His people.  Someone could have the gift of distinguishing a miraculous deed done through the power of the Holy Spirit from one done through an evil spirit trying to lead people astray.  Someone may be given the gift of speaking in foreign languages, so as to declare the Good News of Jesus’ sacrifice for us to those who may not otherwise be able to receive it.  Another person may have the gift of interpreting foreign languages, enabling the believers to communicate with each other.  Whatever the gift, they are all bestowed by the same Holy Spirit.  Each person in the church is like a member of the body of Jesus, and all of our spiritual gifts work together in harmony for the benefit of the whole body.”


1 Corinthians 12:4-11


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