9/11/16 Gifts Of The Spirit

“Your letter to me expressed some confusion regarding spiritual gifts, and I wish to address this subject so that you will not be confused about it any longer.  First of all, the majority of you were Gentiles before Jesus called you to be His children.  Whether it was your culture, tradition, teaching of your parents, the urging of the priests, or some other reason, something led you astray, causing you to worship idols made by human hands.  The fact that Jesus called you away from that, and saved you from the death that idol worship leads to, is a great miracle.  You know that none of you possessed spiritual gifts before Jesus called you to Himself, and because of this, you can be certain that these gifts were given to you by the Holy Spirit.  Now, it seems that many of you are still in doubt as to whether or not you have truly been saved and gifted by the Holy Spirit.  So I want to give you a simple way to determine whether or not someone has been saved.  Whoever declares that Jesus is evil does not have the Holy Spirit within him, and whoever declares that Jesus is Lord of all proves that he does have the Holy Spirit living within him, because it is only by the working of the Spirit that people can declare Jesus as Lord of all.”


1 Corinthians 12:1-3


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