9/8/16 Act Like Brothers & Sisters In Jesus

“I can’t commend you for everything you have been doing, though.  There is a tradition among all of the churches, that all the members will gather together to eat meals dedicated to the Lord every week, and everyone contributes to the meal, whether rich or poor.  During the meal, we remember that last supper that Jesus ate with His apostles by blessing a loaf of bread and sharing it, along with a cup of wine, symbolically representing Jesus’ body and blood, of which we are now all now a part.  But when you gather to eat meals together, you are not one body in Jesus.  You are divided into groups, and I have received reports of hostility between these groups.  I don’t want to believe the reports I have received, but I must, at least in part.  What I am hearing is that everyone sits with their groups, instead of mingling together as one group.  Even worse, I hear that each one of you fights to grab the food and drink that he has brought instead of sharing equally with all.  In so doing, the rich among you have a feast and become drunk with good wine, while the poor among you have barely enough to assuage their hunger and quench their thirst.  Do you, who are rich, think that you are better than your brothers and sisters who are poor?  Do you delight in putting them down in front of those who are supposed to be their brothers and sisters in Jesus?  If you want to eat and drink only what is your own, do so in the privacy of your own homes.  But instead you come and make a mockery of the church and this coming together in thanksgiving for what God has given to you, and you shame your brothers and sisters in the process.  This is not what I taught you when I was with you, and I cannot commend you for such behavior.”


1 Corinthians 11:17-22


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