9/5/16 Follow Cultural Traditions Regarding Head Coverings

“We must be careful to exercise the freedom we have in Jesus in such a way as not to impede people from coming to Jesus.  So, although we need not obey those cultural traditions that dictate what certain people must wear or not wear, do or not do, eat or not eat to please God, we must keep in mind that our following or discarding of these traditions may either entice people to discover Jesus for themselves, or drive them away in disgust.  With that in mind, I would encourage you to follow the traditions of head coverings for men and women.  Wearing head coverings while praying or declaring a message received from God is not an honorable thing to do for men, but is a requirement for women.  Likewise, it is frowned upon for a woman to shave her head or to have short hair, and if she does have a shaved head or short hair, she should be extra careful to cover her head, at least in public.”


1 Corinthians 11:4-6


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